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We provide consultancy services for the following:

  • Assist Companies planning to utilise their inhouse design team but require a project-basis director to lead the team for ad-hoc campaigns/projects
  • Assist HR to hire the right creative personnel for inhouse team
  • Assist HR to asses existing inhouse team to determine if team is adequate
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To come up with works clients are happy with. And we are proud of.

Which explains why clients keep coming back to us.

Because it's all done by one single agency, the consistency of message and visuals are preserved throughout all media output.

Let's just say if you pay peanuts, you will most certainly get monkeys.

So who is DDS? We like to think that we are an agency that will allow our clients to sleep soundly at night. Every night. With no unpleasant surprises. No bloodletting. Where you can just close your eyes and well... dream.

Because if you gotta dream, dream digital. Who needs reality?

As one of the parties responsible for the success of the movie Singapore Dreaming, our Chief Creative, Gilbert Quek, was honoured to be invited by the President of Singapore, SR Nathan, for a private tea session at the Istana.

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