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We believe that this section should give you a flavour of our style and design language.
As such, we have chosen some of our favourite pieces through the years for each category to showcase here.

Click on any of them to see the completed work (please allow this whole page to load fully before clicking).

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  BRANDING ( Corporate Identity / Trade Dressing )
Kuri Kuri MK Kaisha Singapore Turf Club Riding Centre Bella Principessa Qgroove Tiger Experience Brewery Tour
Mamajamu YOG 2010 Logo Design Competition InMezzo Aisu Kurimu ASEAN+3 Youth Festival C2C
Clevver HR Partners Kinetica LavaBlack McKee Music mu.ze.lee
Outdoor Adventure Education Omni Dental Centre Pacific Healthcare Readymix Talent Search Spa TakeOut : Body Skin Syrup
ThinkState Get Real. Get SAM. Physical Education and Sports Teacher Academy - PESTA Physical Education and Sports Teacher Academy - PESTA Glo London Harry Elias Partnership
Gromark K Jensen M+K Corporation Taurus Media Worldwide
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  PRINT ( Campaign / Press Ad / Brochure / Collateral )
SG Software Asia: The Most Exciting Place to Be YKIP's Journey: The First Five Years Citi Calendar 2007 SingTel IDD 001 Talking Cock The Movie Singapore Dreaming
A Singapore Guide to Beer & Food Pairing You Could Be Piracy's Next Victim CA XO Software KCP Regional Law Firm MinLaw - Our Core Values National Archives of Singapore Corporate Brochure
Reflections at Bukit Chendu It's More Exciting with Horses! Get Real. Get SAM. Trio Triple Play PESTA - A Home Base for PE and Sports Teachers Glo London
Community Functional Screening Programme Placemats
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  ONLINE ( Website with fully-customised Content Management System (CMS) / Flash Website / Facebook Game )
Reset Corporate Website Qgroove:: Stylish Limited Edition Golf Bags <br>& Matching Duffel Bags Talent Search Corporate Website Clevver Corporate Website KCP Corporate Website InMezzo Corporate Website
Chinkara Corporate Website SG Software Asia: The Most Exciting Place to Be CA XO Softwarre Prelaunch Press Conference HR Partners e-Procurement: The New Way
PESTA Website Glo London Imagine Group Website The Apartment Website The Biggest Loser Asia - Season 2 It’s Great to be a Woman
Harry Elias Partnership Gromark Bella Principessa MK Kaisha Website K Jensen Website M+K Corporation Website
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  MULTIMEDIA ( Corporate Presentation / Retail Presentation / eCard )
Fullerton Hotel Prelaunch Press Conference e-Procurement: The New Way PUB: Water for All - Conserve, Value, Enjoy Life Needs an Anchor Asia-Pacific HPSS Hospitality IT Services Givauden
Enbloc - We'll help you make the right move Trio Triple Play Happy Lunar New Year KCP - Opening of Shanghai Branch Kitesong TalkingCock The Movie
The Pioneers Photo Montage SPEA Outstanding PE Teachers Awards Presentation 2011 Community Functional Screening Programme Video K Jensen M+K Corporation
Taurus Media Worldwide
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  CONSULTANCY ( IT, Business & Creative Consultancy )
Kuri Kuri ThinkState Qgroove MK Kaisha The Renassieur
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  SOCIAL MEDIA ( Promotional Campaign on Facebook, Facebook Ads, Google Ads )
The Biggest Loser Asia - Season 2 It’s Great to be a Woman Gromark
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