Above is the range of collaterals that we designed for Singapore
Turf Club Riding Centre after completing the Corporate Identity.
From Progress Badges to Corporate Brochure and Folder to
Staff Uniforms, we are now in the midst of completing the
Corporate Website.



We never planned it. Yet, looking back, we realise that there is a strong Youth theme running through some of the projects we took on recently.

On the extreme left, we have the Asian Youth Festival logo. If you look closely, the letters AYF are represented and constructed by stylised blocks to look like a face with spiky hair. The colours are mixed to represent the diversity of its members, where its formation represents the commonality of their goals. The +3 is for the inclusion of 3 non-ASEAN countries (China, Japan and Republic of Korea) in this festival.

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On the other hand, the inaugural Youth Olympics 2010 logo is submitted to an islandwide competition by our Chief Creative as a personal contribution. He explains that the logo needs to exude youthfulness as well as to reflect the brand of Singapore as a Lion City. Thus, the logo is designed with a Lion's head, drawn with no hard edges. The mane was then made to resemble a flaming torch, with each point of flame representing a game in the event - all 26 of them. Good thing too that his design is selected as a finalist.

Objectively, we like his logo alot.

Sadly, we can't say the same for the actual YOG logo. ;)

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